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A pregnant couple stank on the beach with   the night sky rising behind

AstroPortraits &

A truly unique night portrait experience

A couple stand on the beach looking at the night sky. She is wearing a pink flowing dress and he is in  white and khaki, he is pointing to the stars


AstroPortraits and AstroMaternity are all about capturing your love and connection. They are a unique photography experience immersed in nature with the night sky as your backdrop. 

AstroPortraits are customised around you to celebrate the most important occasions in your life.

Perth & Regional Western Australia.


The universe is the stage
Love is the story
and you are the star


The stars and planets travel across the night sky throughout the year giving us an ever changing view of our universe. What constellations and planets we capture is at the will of Mother Nature. To create an AstroPortrait we need to shoot on moonless nights with cloudless skies and for the Milky Way to be aligned just right shortly after sunset. Because of this we have a limited number of nights we can shoot each year.

A couple sit on the beach at night with the night sky behind. she is pregnant, wearing a white dress and holding her pregnant belly
A woman stands in the middle of some pinnacles holding a torch at night. The Milky Way core is rising behind

We can calculate the position of the stars and planets but the shooting stars are a surprise gift from Mother Nature

a couple standing looking at each other with the moon rising behind


"Suzy is absolutely incredible at what she does. We had a couple's AstroPortrait with her at the beach. She made me and my partner both feel so comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera and told us exactly how to pose.

The photos are better than I ever could have hoped for. She captured such natural and loving photos. I've never felt so beautiful before!

The experience of the photoshoot itself was so much fun and we were all laughing the whole time."

-Sophie H. 

Lake Brockman Aurora small 3.jpg


Before your shoot we get together to chat about your style and what it is that you want to capture. We plan hair, makeup and wardrobe around how you want to be photographed. 


The day of the shoot, you will feel like a star. I will direct you and pose you through your entire photoshoot so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

AstroPortraits are perfect for...




...and any special occasion you want to commemorate.

Ac couple stand looking at each other in a field of spinefex grass, with  red hills int eh close background and the night sky rising behind

You are literally made of stardust...

... never forget just how special your are.




Thanks for your message!

  • Is it real or AI?
    All the AstroPortrait images are true images. The night sky is captured on the night of your photoshoot. It will be a time capsule back to that evening. I do not use AI in creating AstroPortraits.
  • How long does the photoshoot take?
    AstroPortraits are generally shot at a slightly slower pace than daylight portraits. This is to allow to capture enough images to create the finished artwork. You can expect around 2 hours. You will be comfortable in the cosy seating with blankets and nibbles while you enjoy the night sky between shooting scenes.
  • Are there any limitations?
    Yes, we can only shoot when there is little to no light pollution. There is however one big source of night light pollution that makes imaging the stars impossible: the moon. For this reason we only shoot AstroPortraits about 14 nights a month and catch up on sleep the rest of the month. We also need few or no clouds reducing out available shooting dates further.
  • Is the final artwork one image or 'photoshopped'?
    All of these images are edited to create the magic. Some images can be created with a single photograph however most will require multiple exposures to capture enough detail in low light conditions.
  • What time are AstroPortrait photo shoots?
    This depends entirely on the time of year and orientation of the Milky Way. Some times of the year might necessitate an early morning or late night. But for some months the Milky Way is nicely positioned in the sky at an accomodating hour. Generally we shoot AstroPortraits anywhere from 7pm to midnight. Please bare in mind that we also need 3 hours for hair, make up and getting to location.
  • When can we shoot AstroPortraits?
    The Milky Way is only visible in the night sky in the Southern Hemisphere between March and November but the dates vary a few days each year. Us astrophotographers like to call this The Milky Way Season. However, there are plenty more interesting objects to photograph in the night sky so we can actually shoot AstroPortraits all year. The orientation of the Milky Way changes throughout the year as does the time when it is visible. Call me to chat through the celestial options available at the time you want to shoot
a rock pillar appears in a gap in the trees with the night sky being


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Mandurah, WA




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