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Astro Location: Jacaranda Hill Farm Camping

This is such a gorgeous Hipcamp just an hour south of Perth and 30mins inland from Mandurah.

Jacaranda Hill Farm is a tranquil and lush sustainably-run farm owned by Rob and Sarah

mum and two young girls sitting on camp chairs  at night looking at the stars at Jacaranda Hill campsite, peel region, Western Australia. Astroportrait
Stargazing with my girls at Jacaranda Hill Farm

Astrophotography at Jacaranda Hill Farm

Best astro view: to the east away from light pollution. Ideal for March to June astro.

Many of the sites have incredible views to the west over Mandurah. This would be great for a Milky Way Core over the city but be aware there is a lot of light pollution.

The Alcoa refinery to the southwest restricts shooting astro to the south. There is significant light pollution from Perth to the north.

Stargazing: good all directions though best to the east

Image above: Alcoa Refinery day and night

From their website:

"Jacaranda Hill Farm is a sustainability-driven, off-grid camping experience that sits on 108ac of regenerative bushland at the edge of the Darling Scarp, behind the historical Fairbridge Village near Pinjarra, Western Australia."


There are several camps to choose from, each with gorgeous views. They are will spread out but big enough to camp with friends if you want.

Book camping here

Things to Remember:

- You must be self contained to remember to bring your own toilet and water, and take your rubbish home with you

AstroPortraits at Jacaranda Hill

This would be an amazing location for AstroPortraits! There are many called trees, elevated vistas and prominent rocks we can use to create a magical set. If you would like to chat about your own AstroPortrait get in touch here.

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