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Just me, the stars and a hundred kangaroos

This image holds very special meaning for me. It was the day my youngest daughter decided she didn't want to breastfeed anymore and ergo the end of my breastfeeding journey.

I was so sore and showing the first signs of mastitis. We were camping out in the outback at a station 6 hours drive from the nearest hospital. Luckily the two other couples on the station were retired dairy farmers. Getting advice on how to express my milk from two meningitis their 70's was an experience I will never forget! However, they did have good pain killers.

The up sides that I was now free to go out in the evening to shoot astro. I left our babies with their dad and set off with my large flowing skirt and all my photography equipment.

I arrived at the location 40mins drive down a dirt track just before sunset and enjoyed twilight in the fresh outback air. I had timed the shoot so I could photograph myself and the night sky after sunset, and capture the hills and foreground with the light of the rising moon an hour later.

With the camera mounted on a tripod below I started to climb the hill. I stood there in my fancy outfit with my emote control in hand and positioned myself for the shot. The light in my hand is actually my phone light.

After the shoot I sat on the tailgate of the car and opened the small bottle of champagne that had been in out Engel for months. As I sat enjoying the landscape by moonlight, surrounded by kangaroos and still dressed for a ball I realised I was living my dream.

I drove back to camp still sipping that champagne - the perks of private tracks and only going 15kph.

I created AstroPortraits to capture these special moments in my life.

If you have a special time in your life you want me to capture, get in touch via my contact page.

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