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Mumma, you are not alone

I remember back when my girls were babies I would be up feeding them at night, looking out the window at street lights and stars, wondering if anyone else out there was awake. Those nights can be long and lonely.

But we are not alone. There are thousands of other mums sitting there with their young babies, feeding and soothing and singing lullabies.

I had a vision in my mind of women everywhere sitting looking a the same night sky. I wanted to create an image that represents us when we are alone, but we are together.

During World Breastfeeding Week 2021 I was able to make this vision come to life. After our huge group photoshoot of 42 women and 43 children we set up our armchair and lamp and waited for the sun to set.

This image is meant to connect us women in those times when we feel alone. Remember we are together in spirit.

Mumma, you are not alone


A women sites feeding her baby in an armchair  out in a field with the night sky behind. Astroportrait breastfeeding

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