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Around 5 billion years ago, a vast interstellar dust cloud collapsed, forming our Sun at its core. As dust particles orbited the Sun, they gradually clumped together due to their tiny gravitational forces, eventually giving rise to the 8 planets we now know. Poor Pluto was demoted to Dwarf Planet in 2006.


Today, we can observe the remnants of this planetary formation inthe night sky, provided we know when and where to look. Shortly after sunset or just before sunrise during spring or autumn, we can spot a triangular patch of light extending from the direction of the Sun. This phenomenon, known as Zodiacal Light, results from sunlight reflecting off the lingering dust particles orbiting the Sun on the plane of the solar system.


We call it Zodiacal Light as it follows the Zodiac - the path of the sun.


This image was captured on the traditional lands of aboriginal people. I acknowledge and respect the traditional owners of this land and sky, and pay my respects to all members of the Aboriginal communities and their cultures; and to Elders both past and present. 


Your print comes with a white border and will fit conventiently into an A-series frame; A0, A1, A2, A3, A4. The total size will fit the A-series frame and the astro image is slightly smaller creating the whie border, removing the need for a mat, making framing simple. If you would prefer a custom frame and mat I recommend Terrace Art Framers in Mandurah. For full size details plase see the tab below.

Hamelin Bay

  • Dimensions

    The following dimensions are for portrait orientation prints with short edge first thenlong edge. If your atwork is landscape the dimensions arre the same, simply refer to the 'long' and 'short' edges, and 'top/bottom' becomes 'each side' and vice versa.

    A0 - total size:  840mm x 1188mm, image size: 717mm x 1076mm, border 61mm top/bottom and 56mm each side

    A1 - total size:  594mm x 840mm, image size: 507mm x 761mm, border 43mm top/bottom and 40mm each side

    A2 - total size:  420mm x 594mm, image size: 359mm x 538mm, border 31mm top/bottom and 28mm each side

    A3 - total size:  297mm x 420mm, image size: 254mm x 380mm, border 22mm top/bottom and 20mm each side.

    A4 - total size:  210mm x 297mm, image size: 179mm x 269mm, border 15mm top/bottom and 14mm each side.


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