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A couple,  a man and pregnant women standing on the beach, they are silhouetted against the night sky with the bright milky way core behind and the last glimpses of sunlight reflecting on the wet sand


An Astrophotography adventure through love, nature, land and space.

Where does your Astro journey begin?

aurora at home wnnanup from estuary-1.jpeg
A pregnant woman sits with her husband on a back with teh night sky behind


Fine art images as spellbinding as the love between the people photographed within them.


They are a personalised night portrait experience, creating timeless images of you and the ones you love.


Capture the heavens with
Starbright Wonderland


On a cold, dark night about ten years ago Suzy Jones first pointed her camera at the night sky and a passion for capturing the cosmos was ignited. 

Exploring dark sky locations because a favourite family past time with countless camp trips and aurora hunting excursions with her two young daughters.

Even more than shooting astrophotography, Suzy enjoys sharing her love of capturing the universe with others.

Suzy is sitting  on a rock with low desert bushes behind, she is  holding her  camera and smiling


"Suzy is very talented and will take the time to get the perfect photo. It’s more like art than photography! I highly recommend. She is great with people and has a knack for capturing very real emotions. I am very excited to have a print of hers for above my fireplace!"

- Elmarie, Binningup WA

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Explore AstroLandscape images from around Western Australia

AstroPortraits displayed in three large frames above a couch in a living room


Are you keen to try astrophotography yourself? I have a range of resources to help you on your astro journey. For a comprehensive yet easy to understand guide you can read...

A Begninners Guide to AstroPhotography

Or if you prefer more hands on guidance you may enjoy one of my...

Astrophotography Workshops

Suzy Jones standing in the middle of some large sandstone structures at night holding a light with the  milky way raising behind - AstroPortrait

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